Planned Giving

A planned gift is any gift that someone decides to give at a future date. Planned giving is an important and increasingly common way for people to support not-for-profit organizations like charities, universities, and land trusts.

There are many different forms of planned giving. Planned gifts come in all sizes and anyone can do it! Here are a few examples to help you find one that’s right for you:

  • Bequests: Making a gift through your Will or Living Trust
  • Life Income Agreements: Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Deferred Payment Gift Annuity, Charitable Lead Trust, Charitable Remainder Unitrust, and Pooled Income Fund.
  • Life Insurance and Retirement Plans: Name us as a beneficiary on your beneficiary form
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: receive a tax deduction and annual income; leave the remaining assets to us.
  • Did you know that Charitable IRA Rollovers allow donors age 70 ½ and older to transfer Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets directly to public charities, count the transfer toward their required minimum distribution and exclude it from taxable income?

If you would like to support the Land Conservancy through planned giving, please contact us.

Legacy Society

We are grateful to the following members of our Legacy Society, who have designated the Land Conservancy as recipients of their planned giving:

  • James Battaglia
  • Lawrence M. and Carolyn K. Brooks
  • Larry and Sheila Drake
  • Edward G. and Joan Eschner
  • Deborah H. Fenn
  • Douglas Germony
  • Amy Holt
  • Ed and Gayle Hutton
  • David Kimball
  • Art and Marilyn Klein
  • Paul and Jane Lehman
  • Sally Metzger
  • Franklin and Linda Meyer
  • Barbara Mierzwa
  • John Owen
  • Deborah Sabol
  • Judy Sabol
  • Leroy and Carla Smith
  • Tom and Nancy Smith
  • Dorothy Westhafer
  • Clarence Wigler
Photo of forget-me-not flowers

A story of planned giving to the Land Conservancy

SONY DSCLarry and Sheila Drake, both long-time supporters of the Land Conservancy, have included us in their planned giving. Larry, a former board member, and his wife Sheila discovered the Land Conservancy early in our organization’s history.

For many years, even decades, they wanted to protect one of the few remaining and most important open spaces in Amherst. In the 1990’s they and their daughter Robbyn began working with the Land Conservancy to try to find ways to make that happen. With them leading the way, that open space is now the 1,254-acre Nature View Park, with a Land Conservancy easement that protects it forever.

After this important success, the Drakes thought about how they could support the continuing work of the Land Conservancy. With the advice of their financial adviser they put the stocks from the sale of their business into a Charitable Remainder Trust with the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

When they pass away, the Land Conservancy and several other organizations will receive a portion of that Trust. Larry and Sheila benefit from being able to support the work of those organizations, but they benefit financially as well. This form of planned giving was good for their taxes and they receive a small annuity each year from their Trust.

“I encourage any business owner nearing retirement to consider planned giving to their favorite organizations,” says Larry. “What we did was straightforward and accomplished both our own financial goals and will help support our community’s most important work far into the future.”

Their support of the Land Conservancy through planned giving ensures that we will have many important land conservation successes in the years to come.

Thank you, Larry and Sheila!