Mosher Farm

Paul Lehman and John Mosher

In April 2015, the Western New York Land Conservancy finalized a conservation easement on the 43-acre Mosher Farm on Keller Road in Clarence, protecting that land in perpetuity. Since purchasing the property in 2009, the Town of Clarence has leased the land to local farmers for agricultural use. Protecting the Mosher Farm was made possible by the innovative and award-winning Clarence Greenprint, an open space preservation program that provides funding for conserving natural land and farmland.

The Mosher Farm property includes incredibly productive farmland. All of the soils on the property are classified as prime or prime if drained by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. While approximately 20 acres of the property are currently in agricultural use, another 22 acres are home to hardwood forests, scrubby grasslands, and a variety of wetlands. A small tributary of Beeman Creek flows through the property. These habitats support diverse plant, insect, bird, amphibian, and mammal species.

Our region’s natural places – the ancient forests, deep gorges, vast networks of rivers and streams, and rich farmland – are what make Western New York such a great place to live. Sprawling development patterns threaten these special places. Protecting the Mosher Farm, along with the other Greenprint-protected farms and forests in Clarence, is part of the solution to this challenge and is our community’s legacy to future generations. The Mosher Farm protects a forested area that is visible along a bike path and it will be a permanent scenic backdrop for the playing fields in Memorial Park.