Bryant Hill Preserve

A group shot at the preserve's opening celebration in 2013.

A group shot at the preserve’s opening celebration in 2013.

In 2000, Marilyn and Blake Reeves donated a conservation easement on the Bryant Hill property to the Western New York Land Conservancy. The 111-acre property in Cattaraugus County near Ellicottville includes forested hills, open meadows, and a small cabin overlooking a pond. In 2012, Marilyn decided to donate the property itself to the Land Conservancy.

The Bryant Hill Preserve was the Reeves’ summer home for many decades. Abandoned as agricultural land before they purchased it, few people understood how important it really was. Over time, the forests on the property grew, the farmland turned to natural meadows, and wildlife returned. It is now home to spectacular flora, rare in other parts of the region. One could say that the preserve is the Land Conservancy’s very own Walden Pond.

A cabin overlooks a small pond at Bryant Hill.

A cabin overlooks a small pond at Bryant Hill.